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Beechwood’s world-class, multi-disciplinary team and associates seek clarity on the other side of complexity. Although these experienced practitioners are subject matter specialists, they prefer to facilitate and motivate those who then have to implement the strategy rather than instruct and dictate.




Shane is a political and security analyst, and journalist by training, with a commitment to humanitarian issues. Since working with the International Rescue Committee and Human Rights Watch in London, he has spent the past five years in the Middle East. For over two years, Shane worked as a journalist in Lebanon, regularly reporting on humanitarian and human rights issues. He is particularly familiar with the difficulties faced by Syrian refugees arriving in Lebanon and has written numerous pieces on the issue, including from key border towns like Aarsal. Shane speaks five languages, including Arabic (MSA and Levantine Colloquial) and French, holds an MA with distinction from King's College London and a BA in History and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin First Class Honours (distinction).


He has been a regular guest writer for Reporter M Media, with articles featured on, BBC, Rolling Stone magazine, Open Democracy, Le Courrier International, Al Arabiya and the National (UAE), and an active member and writer for the NGO Samir Kassir Eyes Foundation, which monitors press freedom in the Middle East.

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