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Since 1989 Beechwood has added value through consulting, leadership development, communications and events across all silos and sectors - private, public and non-profit.
Collaboration that cuts across and cuts through.

Beechwood gets to the crux of a problem through collaboration. From the C-Suite to the coalface, and across technical areas, we work with those who recognise that genuine collaboration is much more profound than a hackneyed soundbite, and can be the fastest route to break-throughs in day-to-day operations and global crises.


Every Beechwood assignment has a dedicated project team made up of leading, multi-disciplinary experts and practitioners who seek clarity on the other side of complexity and embrace the bigger picture beyond their specialism. Our practitioners help leaders at all levels to tune in to the right voices internally and externally, and encourage face-to-face interaction that builds trust, stimulates fresh thinking, improves mutual understanding, and generates action.


We use a workshop-based approach, called TEAMWIN, which breaks down walls and allows voices to be heard above the noise of information, initiative and interaction overload.

  • there’s commitment from the right people

  • there are clear actions to get on with tomorrow morning

  • engagements that will be remembered as a pivotal moment in time

  • high-quality, highly-readable workshop transcripts in delegates' hands within days

  • follow-on monitoring, learning, communication that demonstrates the progress is real.

What do clients think and feel as a result of engaging us?
  • the problem/opportunity is reframed to get ‘ah ha’ clarity

  • world-class experts contribute more than sprinkling gold dust

  • local assets are leveraged and people have enjoyed meeting face-to-face

  • new insights have emerged (and previous lessons incorporated)

  • a path forward has been illuminated

Like they’ve ‘broken through’
A degree of ‘tangibility’
“Beechwood's no nonsense collaboration cuts to the chase.
Its practical nature and inherent wisdom reflect the origins of its
co-creators – country Australia and urban Brooklyn. This rare blend has proven hard to beat, whether it be for leaders in the
private, public or non-profit sectors.” 

Our clients have included large corporates and SMEs from industries including financial and professional services, technology, outsourcing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, agribusiness and hospitality. In 2009, we extended our services to the public and non-profit sectors and have since worked on diverse cross-sector assignments.


Our work ethic bears the hallmarks of an owner-operated family business, and our track record now comprises hundreds of challenging assignments from New York to Afghanistan, London to Somalia, and Canberra to Syria. Our work is fulfilling and proven to make a worthwhile difference. 

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