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Examples of engaging and aligning internal and external stakeholder groups in the private sector; support to government and humanitarian strategy, policy and capability development; work on issues affecting more than one sector.


Commercial clients wanting to shift from ‘good to great’ in sectors as varied as pharmaceuticals, IT, finance, manufacturing and professional services enjoy working with us. Our inputs are appreciated most by clients who can articulate ‘what’ and ‘why’ things need to change, but struggle with ‘how’.  We argue that success lies in improving collaboration at key interfaces – where functions, regions and levels within an organisation must align, and organisations from the same or different sectors must engage.

Governments recognise the need to blend social, economic, political and military tools to deal with many of the 21st century security challenges, from terrorism and organised crime, to human rights atrocities and the proliferation of weapons and dangerous materials. We unlock value from the broad range of knowledge, skills and assets across individual departments, and between governments, with a view to framing, and ultimately resolving, often seemingly intractable problems.

Aid agencies and donors continue to engage our deeply experienced team in the world's most severe conflict- and disaster-affected countries. We share a strong commitment to supporting organisations that strive to make an enduring positive impact on people in crisis situations - either with humanitarian relief, security sector reform, or advice to SMEs - the engine for growth and prosperity.

Businesses use our services to address the growing convergence of risk categories as diverse as terrorism, corruption, geopolitical instability, and digital disruption. Policymakers and practitioners approach us when they meet a ‘wicked problem’, and require a third party to congregate the right people rapidly, deconstruct the challenge, and cut across the conventional wisdom to find an optimal solution.

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