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"Anybody can play weird. That’s easy. What’s hard is to play as simple as Bach. Making the simple complicated is commonplace. Making the complicated simple, that’s creativity."

Charlie Mingus, Jazz Musicia

We help leaders realise ambitious goals in an environment of ever-increasing initiative, information and interaction overload, where most people are primarily influenced by where they are, not where they could be. Our approach aims to lighten the burden not add to the problem, take the line of least resistance (we have been likened to a Trojan horse), and recognise that ‘we are all customers and suppliers’. Although the focus is ultimately on results, we help to ensure that the experience motivates management and operational teams to contribute, commit and take ownership. Our content-driven collaborative approach sits comfortably with outsourcing providers, as our focus is always on how we can best enhance their offering to their clients – either under their umbrella or as an independent third party. We also help to enhance existing or planned workshop programmes and conferences, and enjoy enduring relationships with people who started out in the event production industry, looking for innovative ways to optimise delegate interaction around substantive issues.

Transforming for Growth

Enhancing Project Mobilisation

Using Technology to Break down Silos

Unlocking Value in the Supply Chain

Examples of engaging and aligning internal and external stakeholder groups



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Private EGs 2

Accelerating Post-Merger Integration

Making Conferences Purposeful & Productive

Aligning Learning to Business Goals

Translating Theory into Practice

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