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Video above produced by George Archer. For event details, click on globe below.

Supply Chain Risk & Reputation Event Details
Making Conferences Purposeful
and Productive


Identify the key strategic choices an executive team must address to pre-empt financial crime, human rights and reputation risks related to their global supply chain


Problem: The problem lies where today’s complex supply chains intersect with the new risk landscape. They have moved from being relatively linear to dynamic and multi-dimensional, while risk now encompasses both the classic operational definition (‘people, processes and systems’) and other risks, such as financial crime, cyber and human rights. Overloaded senior managers are acutely aware that the devil remains in the detail, and yet they are facing multiple 'unknown unknowns'. 


Solution and Results: Created a highly interactive 3-hour module that frames the task at hand and allows a cross-section of leaders from different functions to take a ‘test drive’ in a scenario-based exercise. The conversation was guided by various concepts and technical inputs by leading experts, facilitated by an experienced practitioner, and enabled through the use of collaborative technology. The clear interdependencies that emerged during the event confirmed the value of considering apparently disparate risks at the same time, with the global supply chain providing the focus.


Industry: Energy, mining; Manufacturing, pharma, construction; FMCG, retail; Telecoms, systems; Government/defence; Tourism, airlines; Legal; Media, information; Professional services; Financial services

Capture the imagination of delegates about making work more meaningful, fulfilling, productive and fun


Problem: Overload, lack of common purpose, reactive culture


Solution and Results: Created a highly interactive 2-hour module that frames the task at hand and allows people to take a ‘test drive’ in an experiential exercise using the TEAMWIN Mat Simulation, then brainstorm and capture the learnings on netbooks; delegates leave feeling re-energised and rediscover for themselves how to play as one team of teams; outputs are available to analyse and implement immediately following the event

Industry: All

Motivate delegates on final day of annual conference (1000 hotel managers from 250 hotels) after interrogation by Group management about results and future plans


Problem: Delegates in reactive mood and tired by top-down pressure


Solution and Results: Balanced 'having fun' with 'doing something useful' – identified strategic priorities; facilitated a highly interactive agenda to motivate participants to brainstorm customer retention ideas; 5000 ideas captured in categories for internal 6Sigma team to distil into next year's regional initiatives; high efficacy and local ownership of resultant initiatives


Industry: Hospitality

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