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Photo: Ashley Clements

Decision-making in emergencies


We have designed a training package for aid workers operating in the field that helps build vital skills for working in emergency response, with a specific focus on dilemma resolution through collaboration. It combines expertise from the non-profit and private sectors to address recognised inefficiencies in the humanitarian sector that are a result of fragmentation, short-termism, circular debates and reactive decision-making. Groups become better equipped to arrive at actions on the basis of informed decisions that take into account the different – and occasionally conflicting – aspects of the humanitarian imperative, local perceptions, security considerations, conflict sensitivity, and risk management.


A key component of Beechwood’s offering in this sector is therefore the tool TEAMWIN Decision-Navigator, a specially designed decision-making process for different parties to collaborate more effectively when grappling with complex humanitarian dilemmas resulting from large-scale natural disasters or complex political situations.


It has been used to aid decision-making and action planning by aid agencies in many countries, including Afghanistan, Haiti, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Somali and Sudan.


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