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Building future defence capability


We have brought a unique combination of ‘best in class’ expertise, cutting edge methodologies and tools to inform the conceptual and future force development of some of the world's leading defence establishments.


Two relevant public assignments included our support to the design, delivery and reporting of the annual Whither Warfare conferences, funded by the General Dynamics Research Foundation, and attended by the highest-ranking defence personnel in the UK and acknowledged experts from industry and academia.

Whither Warfare 15: Shrivenham 

Whither Warfare 15: Joint Strike Force

This event convened senior leaders from the Defence Growth Partnership and British Army and acted as the catalyst to find the position of mutual advantage in the acquisition of the mechanised force. After a period of intensive planning over two months, delegates met for one day to: develop a shared understanding of future warfare strategy and capability options; compare and contrast the different perspectives in the room using our sophisticated Trade-Off Analyser tool; and then distil the key strategic choices that must be addressed at the highest political, military and industry levels, prior to beginning this programme. 

Whither Warfare 12: Future Army Reserve

Following the release of the Independent Commission to Review the United Kingdom’s Reserve Forces, this engagement created valuable input for the British Army's response to the vision for reserve forces to play a more significant part in the Army’s future. Delegates were guided through a logic flow that addressed the implications for enabling the re-sizing of the regular Army to 82,000 by 2020 and the compensating increase in the Reserve, covering both the effect on the Army itself and on its relationship with industry and the MoD.

Whither Warfare 12, UK Ministry of Defence


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