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Beechwood’s world-class, multi-disciplinary team and associates seek clarity on the other side of complexity. Although these experienced practitioners are subject matter specialists, they prefer to facilitate and motivate those who then have to implement the strategy rather than instruct and dictate.



Duncan is a pioneering practitioner in the field of digital User Experience (UX) design. Having first worked as a brand planner in the US with Sarah Lee Inc. on Wonderbra and Champion sports, he returned to the UK to hone his strategic skills at the international branding agency, Enterprise IG (now Brand Union) with clients including Unilever and BP. In 2000, Duncan co-founded digital marketing agency the Pomegranate Group. He is regarded for his analytical and creative approach, which drives his quest to improve the understanding and application of digital experiences. He developed a mobile security application used in over 60% of US sporting stadiums, and co-created the design methodology Emotional Ignition™, which maps emotional triggers to improve digital user engagement. 


Duncan guest writes for various publications such as Marketing Week, is an active member of digital marketing organisations, and speaks at events such as the Global Digital Payments forum.


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