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Beechwood’s world-class, multi-disciplinary team and associates seek clarity on the other side of complexity. Although these experienced practitioners are subject matter specialists, they prefer to facilitate and motivate those who then have to implement the strategy rather than instruct and dictate.



Keith established Pathfinder Strategies in 1996, and has devoted his career to pioneering sophisticated techniques to understand complex decision-making and the marketing implications. He is a leading practitioner of conjoint-based methodologies. Earlier experience includes Managing Director of two market research organisations in Australia, and Research Director at the New York HQ of an international agency, where he directed the research function for clients and 100 offices. Keith’s academic career involved time at the Institute for Social Research in Michigan, and basic research on the psychological aspects of interpersonal communication at Bell Labs. He has taught at Princeton, NYU and the University of Michigan, and spoken and published widely on market segmentation, emotion in advertising, human memory processes, computer circuits, estimation of choice model parameters, advertising and consumer psychology. Keith was awarded an MA and PhD in Psychology from the University of Michigan.


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