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Aligning Learning to Business Goals


Design a leadership development programme for newly appointed branch managers and branch customer service managers, and train the trainers


Problem: Cultural imbalance between being efficient ('manager') and effective ('leader')


Solution and Results: Created new programme based on TEAMWIN methodology and trained the internal trainers to help participants align their own development with branch and business objectives; long-running programme expanded into mainstream middle mgt; more effective trainers with a better grasp of business and people-related factors


Industry: Financial Services



Reduce employee days spent in training off-the-job and improve value


Problem: Training function KPIs were skewed toward volume at expense of quality


Solution and Results: Designed and facilitated strategic workshop to engage and align key members of the training department with the goals of the organisation; more on-the-job learning and revised role for trainers


Industry: Services



Shorten time for new recruits to become fully productive on project teams


Problem: An induction programme limited to the basics and run by non-mainstream people


Solution and Results: Created new programme based on TEAMWIN methodology and trained operational people to link the company's vision, values, etc, in a meaningful, practical way with the job to be done; new recruits rapidly engaged and aligned; projects started up more quickly and effectively


Industry: Outsourcing



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