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Photo: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Resolving Dilemmas in Pakistan


Over 200 humanitarians were involved in workshops that addressed real-time dilemmas affecting their operations in Pakistan. Strategies were developed across the different levels of the humanitarian system to strike the right balance between remaining principled and adapting for the practicalities of the context.


On the request of the UN’s Humanitarian Coordinator in Pakistan, Beechwood facilitated workshops with all levels of the humanitarian system – from local Pakistani NGO implementers operating in the conflict areas to the Humanitarian Country Team, consisting of the main representatives of NGOs, the UN and the Red Cross.  The demand was so high among the local NGO implementers that we had to select from hundreds of applicants; the result was the Humanitarian Country Team being challenged about how humanitarian principles can be translated into practice while managing the influence of Pakistan’s military.  Reports were used for internal purposes.


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