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Enhancing Project Mobilisation


Enhance project management capability to improve delivery, add another differentiator in a competitive market, and improve internal performance


Problem: Entrenched processes in highly regulated industry; initiative overload


It is well known that the start-up is the most important and difficult stage of a clinical trial, marked by costly delays and subsequent revenue loss. Moreover, relationships with the client and sites in the early stages establish the foundations for the project, often before the team is in place. So who from the CRO should be engaged during this period, and is a sole conventional kick-off event enough?


Solution and Results: Through experience of starting up hundreds of clinical trials, we argue that the kick-off ‘meeting’ (2-3 days) should be considered more as a 'start-up process’ (60-90 days), which focuses on team performance across the life of winning (BD) and delivering the project (Ops).


A market leader in outsourcing clinical trials used us for over 20 years as a ‘Trojan horse’ to transform project kick-offs in 8 therapeutic areas areas, helping project managers to gain rapid traction and sustain momentum which, in turn, fostered continuous and measurable improvement across the organisation.


The TEAMWIN mobilisation methodology has been customised for other pharma clients in kick-off, pit-stop and close-out workshops, co-facilitated by Beechwood to optimise programme operational efficiency and delivery while maintaining/improving quality – resulting in enhanced customer relationships, improved revenue and more sales opportunities.


Industry: Clinical Research



Enhance project management capability to improve delivery and add another differentiator in a competitive market


Problem: Not-invented-here syndrome; professional conservatism; process-led


Solution and Results: Customised version of TEAMWIN mobilisation methodology for kick-off, pit-stop and close-out workshops, to be co-facilitated by Beechwood as an independent third party; methodology integrated into firm's overall project mgt approach at the ‘front end’


Industry: Professional Services


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