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Red Teaming and Wargaming


Our core team and associates have led world-class Red Teaming events on operations, during training, and in barracks to challenge ideas or intelligence development and test assumptions, force postures, commander’s plans and urgent operational requirements. Examples below.


AFGHANISTAN: COMISAF Advisory and Assistance Team (CAAT). 
Red-teaming contribution to design workshop on the new Female Engagement Team concept.


UK: Experimental Training ICSC(L) and CAST(S) Joint Effects / Info Ops. Designed sessions on how to think differently about Battlespace Spectrum Management, Ownership and Sequencing of Effects.


UK: Defence Intelligence Single GEOINT Battlespace (SGB).
Red-teaming and stakeholder engagement in Project Coherence, designed to achieve alignment across the intelligence community, and dramatically improve value for money in the C4ISR portfolio. 


US: Office of the Secretary of Defence Wargame – Developing Future Capabilities for Emerging Transnational Threats. Led wargames series; refined and executed networked fire support concepts and briefed implications to Commander in Chief, USPACOM.


US: Under Secretary of Defence, Intelligence, reprioritization of Combatant Commander Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance requirements. Expert contribution for wargames series.


US: Security Force Assistance and Stability Operations Wargame series. Led U.S. Army proponent culminating in UNIFIED QUEST.




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