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Beechwood’s world-class, multi-disciplinary team and associates seek clarity on the other side of complexity. Although these experienced practitioners are subject matter specialists, they prefer to facilitate and motivate those who then have to implement the strategy rather than instruct and dictate.



Scott is a dedicated innovator in international development, drawing on knowledge and techniques from business, the sciences and humanities. During his 14-year tenure as a Professor of English and Cultural Studies at Towson University in Baltimore, MD, he co-created and directed the undergraduate program. Scott then developed diverse experience in fostering local capacities from the ground up, managing international teams, writing across a variety of contexts, critical analysis of federal, commercial and cultural materials, and the application of innovative technologies to achieve excellence in development, research and evidence-based solutions. Scott has both written and worked with USAID, IdEA, MCC and other USG donor agencies on diaspora engagement, counter-terrorism, science, technology and culture projects in the MENA region and Latin America, including efforts to counter the radicalisation of at-risk youth and build the capacity of civic institutions and trust of local populations.


A sample of Scott's non-fiction: Master Mechanics and Wicked Wizards: Images of the American Scientist as Hero and Villain from Colonial Times to the Present (University of Massachusetts Press, 2009), and fiction: The Shadow War (Thomas Dunne Books, 2010).


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