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Beechwood’s world-class, multi-disciplinary team and associates seek clarity on the other side of complexity. Although these experienced practitioners are subject matter specialists, they prefer to facilitate and motivate those who then have to implement the strategy rather than instruct and dictate.



Sue is a highly regarded facilitator and coach for people in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Before joining Beechwood in 2000, her career was primarily in the pharmaceutical sector, rising through the ranks of marketing and project management in the UK to being responsible for corporate communications in a global company based in the US. As a client of Beechwood and reporting to the CEO, Sue led a project team responsible for the planning and roll out of a global corporate strategy where ambitious 5-year goals were achieved two years ahead of plan. She has since facilitated numerous kick-off, pit-stop and close-out workshops around the world (particularly for clinical trials and IT projects), and plays a critical role in planning and conducting major conferences. Sue has a special interest in the coaching of key individuals during the different phases of Beechwood engagements.

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