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Unlocking Value in the Supply Chain


Build a new supply chain after merging six family-owned wholesalers


Problem: Six independent-minded family proprietors challenged to be one team by new CEO


Solution and Results: Facilitated the strategy development process and roll out with middle managers; compelling shared vision; well considered strategy; high level of ownership; immediate traction


Industry: Agribusiness



Develop a new product line and value chain from greenfield site to dedicated dealer network


Problem: Major manufacturer constrained by hierarchy, established relationships and rigid ways of working


Solution and Results: Facilitated high level workshop and senior management conference to gain buy-in and support; endorsement and commitment by 200 global senior managers


Industry: Automotive



Arrest decline and restore growth in business of streamlining clearance of goods in international trade


Problem: Multi-faceted problem across supply chain and government procurement – corrupt practices, poor compliance, severe competition, commoditisation, technology, low morale


Solution and Results: Facilitated high level strategy workshop and held conversations with  individuals from management and operations; clear shared vision; well considered strategy; renewed sense of hope


Industry: Testing, Inspection & Certification

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