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Engaging Youth in Somali Diaspora


Training and support to the design and delivery of the British-Somali youth consultation that informed the high-level London Somalia 2013 Conference.


The Anti-Tribalism Movement (ATM), a youth-led, non-profit organisation based in London, Nairobi and Mogadishu, with over 100,000 members, convened this conference to debate and discuss how Somalis based in the UK can add value to the London Somalia Conference 2013, and other externally-supported peace talks which are too often based on a mixture of clan, military influence, and financial power.


Over 30 carefully nominated Somali students, young professionals, emerging leaders and activists therefore met to discuss five main themes that were pre-selected by the young adults through a survey: 1) human rights and gender violence; 2) security, justice and reconciliation; 3) environment and natural resources; 4) the Somalia and Somaliland issue; 5) the Federal Government and the Somali Constitution. The delegates distilled 10 recommendations from their dialogue, and presented them to the Somali President and British Prime Minister on the morning of the London Conference.


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